2017-01-21 ilammyMerge pull request #8 from ilammy/expand-abbreviations master
2017-01-21 ilammyExpand abbreviations during parsing expand-abbreviations
2017-01-21 ilammyMake test utilities a module again
2016-12-30 ilammyMerge pull request #7 from ilammy/basic-parser
2016-12-29 ilammyHandle unmatched closing parentheses basic-parser
2016-12-29 ilammyFix parsing of s-expr comments as atmosphere
2016-12-29 ilammySupport for s-expression comments
2016-12-24 ilammySupport for labels
2016-12-24 ilammySupport for abbreviations
2016-12-24 ilammyRefactor parsing for better error handling
2016-12-24 ilammyAllow adjacent dots in dotted lists
2016-12-17 ilammySupport for dotted lists
2016-12-17 ilammySupport for proper lists
2016-12-17 ilammySupport for vectors
2016-12-17 ilammySupport for bytevectors
2016-12-17 ilammyBasic parser
2016-12-11 ilammyDrop tree diff and pretty-printing support
2016-12-02 ilammyUse unboxed closures as comparators for diffs
2016-12-02 ilammyImprove equality comparisons in diffs
2016-12-02 ilammyMove test utilities to a separate crate
2016-11-20 ilammyRelicense to dual MIT/Apache-2.0 license
2016-11-19 ilammyMerge pull request #2 from ilammy/basic-reader
2016-11-19 ilammyMiscellaneous cleanup
2016-11-19 ilammySimplify bytevector recovery
2016-11-19 ilammyTell Travis where our crates are
2016-11-19 ilammyMerge branch 'unicode' into basic-reader
2016-11-19 ilammy´╗┐Make Unicode support optional
2016-11-19 ilammyFold case of identifiers with toNFKC_Casefold
2016-11-19 ilammyUnicode case folding
2016-11-19 ilammyNormalize identifiers to NFKC
2016-11-19 ilammySupport for Unicode identifiers
2016-11-09 ilammyUnicode normalization
2016-11-04 ilammyMerge branch 'identifiers' into basic-reader
2016-11-04 ilammyCase-folding support for ASCII
2016-11-04 ilammySupport for directives
2016-11-04 ilammySupport for ASCII identifiers
2016-11-02 ilammySupport for datum labels
2016-11-02 ilammySupport for boolean literals
2016-11-01 ilammyMerge branch 'complex-numbers' into basic-reader
2016-11-01 ilammyAdditional tests for complex numbers
2016-11-01 ilammyRecover from multiple consecutive signs
2016-11-01 ilammyRecover from complex numbers with multiple parts
2016-11-01 ilammySupport for rectangular form of complex numbers
2016-10-31 ilammySupport for polar form of complex numbers
2016-10-31 ilammyTreat +. as peculiar identifier
2016-10-22 ilammyMerge branch 'rational-numbers' into basic-reader
2016-10-22 ilammyImprove handling of peculiar identifiers
2016-10-21 ilammyImprove handling of infnans in numbers
2016-10-21 ilammySupport for rational numbers
2016-10-15 ilammyMerge branch 'number-cleanup' into basic-reader
2016-10-15 ilammyDo not treat # as a delimiter
2016-10-15 ilammyCleanup prefix scanning recovery
2016-10-15 ilammyUpdate infnan scanning
2016-10-15 ilammyUpdate digit scannign interface
2016-10-15 ilammySimplify exponent scanning
2016-10-15 ilammyCleanup core number scanning methods
2016-10-15 ilammyMake diff output more obvious
2016-10-15 ilammyCosmetic diagnostic rename
2016-09-24 ilammySupport for float numbers
2016-09-18 ilammySupport for integer numbers
2016-08-31 ilammySupport for escaped identifiers
2016-08-31 ilammySupport for string literals
2016-08-31 ilammySupport for character literals
2016-08-31 ilammySupport for comments
2016-08-20 ilammySupport for fixed tokens
2016-08-20 ilammyInitial scanner implementation + utilities
2016-08-12 ilammyInitial commit. README, LICENSE, and stuff